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This is for one Take-A-Number adjustable floor stand.  


  • Free standing adjustable base
  • Adjusts from 40" to 66"
  • Simple Assembly
  • Move to new location easily

The BRGQ44 is a Take-a-Number System like no other. The system includes a take-a-number ticket dispenser, multi-color LED display with 4 inch digits for the count, or count plus customer window, alert tone only or alert tone with voice audio, and a U.S. government approved wireless window remote control with 10 year battery. The LED wall display has user-changeable-color with adjustable intensity. Features include a user selectable tone alert and/or voice audio. The display color changes as the numbers are announced. The last count is maintained during power outage. The last four activations are repeatedly displayed. Any number of digital wall displays may be used and up to 64 window remote controls are supported. The basic system includes: ticket dispenser with tickets, floor stand, industrial wireless remote, multi-color LED display and AC power adapter. Made in the USA with a full one year warranty.


How the BRG Queue Management System Works

  1. Customer obtains a ticket when entering the waiting area
  2. Employee at service window presses the Next button on the wireless remote control. The system supports up to 64 service windows.
  3. The wall display(s) sounds an alert tone, increments the ticket count, and announces the ticket number. If the system is configured for multiple service windows, the service window number is also displayed and announced.
  4. If the customer does not appear at the window in a short time, the employee at the window may press the Repeat button on the remote control to repeat the previous announcement, for the respective service window. The Back button may be used to decrement the ticket count.
  5. If the customer does not appear at the window, the employee presses the Next button to announce the next ticket number and update the display.



Pressing the window remote’s Next button increments the ticket count, and sounds an alert tone and/or voice announcement. Pressing the Back button decrements the count without an alert sound. Pressing the Repeat button repeats the announcement for the remote control pressed. The Take a number is pre-configured at the factory as requested, but can be reconfigured to any BRGQ44 model at any time. 



  • 8 in 1 operation – eight user configurable operating modes 
  • Plug-and-Play, no complicated network, configuration or complicated wiring
  • Simple installation with no technical skills required.
  • Simple ticket dispenser, no expensive printer to malfunction, no paper jams
  • User changeable LED display color scheme
  • Anti-glare lens allows viewing under most lighting conditions
  • User selectable speech announcement and/or audio tone/chime 
  • The display changes color with each announcement.
  • History showing the last four announcements is displayed
  • Sturdy industrial, U.S. Government approved, wireless remote control 
  • Wireless remote operation to increment, decrement or repeat the count
  • Wireless remote operates up to 10 years between battery changes
  • No wiring between window button and wall displays
  • Wall displays include control buttons to increment or decrement the count
  • Simple configuration and easy to use
  • The count and window number is maintained during power outages
  • Repeat audio with the correct window number from the last 25 transactions
  • Alert chime can be configured to sound before the voice announcement
  • Adjustable display intensity
  • Simultaneous button presses are buffered and managed
  • Separate adjustable alert chime/tone and voice audio volume up to 102 dB.
  • Any number of LED wall displays may be used
  • Wall displays - 4 digit with 4” high digits, black ABS enclosure
  • Configure for 2 or 3 digit ticket counter, with support for up to 64 service windows
  • Displays can be reconfigured using the buttons on the display or the remote control
  • Displays are configurable to operate as Single, Primary or Secondary Single mode.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free Shipping in the USA and Canada
  • Free toll-free technical support. 

Available Options:

  • Wall or Desktop displays – 2 to 6 digits, with 4” or 8” digits, black aluminum frame 
  • Double sided ceiling or hallway displays
  • Additional wireless remote controls, including batteries
  • Ticket dispenser with floor stand and sign
  • Ticket dispenser, no stand or sign
  • Sign only (English)
  • Additional secondary 4” wall displays with audio
  • 2 digit paper rolls
  • 3 digit paper rolls


The BRGQ44C1 & C2 ships with the Configuration 7 as the default. Included instructions, will walk you through changing the display to one of the following configurations.

When checking out.  Be sure to specify 2 digit or 3 digit paper tickets.  

Configurations 1,3,4 & 7 take 2 digit ticket rolls
Configurations 2, 4, 6 & 8 take 3 digit ticket rolls

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